Who We Are

Pt. Asia King Exim, Leading Spice & Agro International trading company Incorporated in Indonesia, East Java, Surabaya.
Asia King Co-founder & Director, Shaikh Kalim Started this business in 2016.
PT. Asia King Axim proudly presents the nation`s best agriculture commodities.

Main Products

Cloves, Mace, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Black Pepper,Long Black Pepper, Cubeb, Betel Nut, ect.

Occasional Products

BBQ Wood Charcoal, Furniture,Electronics.

Why Choose Asia King Exim

Best Quality

Highest quality of processing.


Started bussines in 2016.

Competitive Pricing

Price at the same level as competitors.


Active response 24/7.

Wide Route

Reach to the whole of Indonesia.

Available Stock

Become a supplier for spices.

Vision and Mision Our Company

As Intermediary,we try to provide service of unbiased Market Information, choice of sellers and buyers, negotiations and finalisation of business and follow-up for execution of contracts. We source products from selected reliable processors with whom we have been working closely for several years. Our customers are importers & processors in all major markets. We concentrate our efforts on developing relationships between suppliers and customers to provide the best value for both in terms of quality, Performance, Consistency and Continuity Of Business, product & System development and long term relationships.

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